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Edelström Design has two areas of expertise. The first is the strategic, communicative and artistic area that fits into the concept of Strategic Design.

With the term Strategic Design, we combine strategy and design. For example, why a certain brand needs a sober green, instead of blue, as its primary color. We also include business values in the term.

We deliver:

  • Visual brand identity design
  • Logotype design
  • Design guidelines/design manual
  • Design concepts for digital and print media

The work is summarized in a design guidelines toolbox with all the necessary graphic assets to keep the brand visually consistent in all communication channels.

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Area of Expertise 2/2


Then we have the implementation competence in the term Graphic Craftsmanship.

With that term we mean craftsmanship and skills working with details in typography, layout, composition, structure that is of great importance to the final product, such as a website, brochure or an annual report. From concept to print original or completed website.

We deliver:

  • Websites, from concept and structure to completed website, built with Wordpress as the technical platform.
  • Printed media such as annual/financial reports, presentations, brochures, publications, books, magazines, and more.
  • Signs and signage systems
  • Stands/exhibitions
  • Templates for office applications, word, powerpoint etc
  • Templates for printed media, for clients that  produces in-house
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Who we are

Edelström Design is a small graphic design agency, with a network of partners, based in Stockholm, Sweden. We are experts in creating strong and distinct brand identities, logotypes, design guidelines, digital design and print media design. We work with great enthusiasm together with corporate- and organization leaders, founders and employees, to create strong brands.

Edelström Brand Identity Design is passionate about logotypes and visual brand identities. Almost nothing is more stimulating than the feeling we get, when we see a company’s ambitions, values and people summed up in a single visual shape like a logotype.

How we work

We work thoroughly to get the right prerequisites for doing a good job. We ensure this by guiding our clients throughout the design process where we begin to get to know the brand through interviews, questionnaires and workshops. Then we start the design phase in several steps, with continuous feedback from the client project group.

The client project group, for example, in a brand identity, usually consists of a Marketing Manager, CEO and a Founder. We have learned that feedback from different client key people, with different angles on the brand, is invaluable and helps us to create the most appropriate outcome. We have great diplomatic skills as well ;).


We often work in collaboration with partners depending on the nature of the assignment, such as web developers/web agencies, illustrators, photographers and copywriters.

We set up the best and most cost-efficient team for our clients.


Edelström Design consists of Niklas Edelström who has 18 years of experience working as graphic designer/art director. Niklas Edelström has five years of university studies, primarily in graphic design and one year of studies in architecture, in London and Stockholm. He has worked with graphic design and art direction since 1999, self-employed since 2005, in many different media for companies and organizations of all sizes.

Why Edelström?

We operate on a smaller, more personal and more cost-efficient scale, since we are not a large agency with overhead costs such as receptionists, project managers, CEOs etc. A lot of our clients say that they get a high level of expertise for the money, compared to larger agencies.


Please contact Niklas if you want to talk unconditionally about an upcoming project.
A first consultation and a good cup of coffee is free!

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