Design av logotyp

Logotype design is an important part of a larger whole. This larger whole represents the graphic profile and corporate identity. However, we choose to separate the logotype design from the rest because we think it deserves it. The logo deserves to have its own room. The logo is the essence of the brand captured in one shape. It should be relevant, have a very high recognition factor and be simple and clean in its form. Then it becomes a good start for a visual brand identity.

It is often we are asked to raise the identity to the level that corresponds to that ambition. It can take off in a modernization of the logotype design, which then continues in the rest of the components that make up a brand’s graphic profile: typography, image style, color palette, graphic elements. These components are then put together in the brand communication, such as website, printed matter, advertisements, newsletters, etc.

To create the right identity for a brand, it is a good idea to ask the right questions to get the right conditions to get to know a business and how it shall be experienced. Edelström Design always begins the design process with a thorough research that involves all parts of a brand.

”A logotype design must be appropriate, simplistic, easy to remember and have a high degree of recognition”

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