Client case / Protea

New Brand Identity– Protea Leadership

Protea Leadership helps companies and organizations develop their leaders, executives and key people. They work with personal meetings, effective tools and tried-out methods. Protea coaches you to manage stress, lead others, lead yourself, and lead effective teams.

Edelström Design was commissioned to design a visual brand identity and design Protea’s products and services. To understand exactly how their programs worked, Edelström Design undertook one of Protea’s programs for leaders. In parallel we designed Protea’s corporate identity, logo and profile programs in all their channels. We not only gained the privilege of working with an interesting brand, but also developed ourselves in leading, managing and structuring design projects.

The identity has its foundation in a distinct word mark that contains the characteristic shape of the Protea flower. The project had two parts, design of the corporate identity and design of Proteas printed programs. Thanks to founders Mona Brenkle Gejer and Erik Waesterberg for an interesting brand and for the opportunity to participate in one of your programs.

The project demanded a broad range of expertise and skills:
– Brand Identity Design
– Design Logotype
– Design Guidelines
– Design for Web
– Product Design
– Print Design
– Design Office Templates

Words from the client

”Edelström Design helped us visualize and express our brand that suits well with the ambitions we had with our newly started company. These ambitions were very high. It felt good that Edelström Design could design on a broad range, from the initial brand identity down to our different program products. We are very pleased with the identity and have received very good response from our target group and those who hire us and uses our tools and methods.”

Mona Brenkle GejerFounder and Leadership Development Consultant, Protea Leadership